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Website Terms of Use
[LAST UPDATED: 09 Jul 2020]


Thank you for visiting this website at https://sdl.ssg.gov.sg (the “Website”) owned and operated by the SkillsFuture Singapore Agency (SSG).


The Website and all content, data, information and other materials (collectively, the "Material(s)") contained on the Website are provided by SSG exclusively for the provision of services in or under the Skills Development Levy (SDL) System electronically (the “e-Services”) to such organisations liable to pay SDL based on SSG’s records (“Organisations”or, each of them, an “Organisation”). Organisations will be issued unique confidential login details by SSG for access to certain e-Services for the management of the Organisation’s SDL record and liabilities.

3. An Organisation shall access and use the e-Services by or through authorised individuals (“Approved Officers”), whose details are registered with SSG. At any time, up to a maximum of 3 Approved Officers may be registered by an Organisation. The Organisation must not, and shall ensure that its Approved Officers do not, share its confidential login or account details with other parties. In accessing the Website and/or the e-Services by its Approved Officers, the respective Organisation acknowledges and undertakes that it is bound by and fully responsible